About US, Who we are

Welcome to our About Us pages, I am Aamir and this website is made by me, I am a web developer by profession and have good taste for movies and TV shows as well. I like to use lots of apps on my Samsung Galaxy s8 which is an android phone and belive me i love it.

The purpose of making this website is to help all of you guys. As I have already mentioned above that i am fond of movies and watch TV shows regularly but because of busy schedule of my job most of the times I was not able to catch my favourite shows on time and missed them often. When this happen it makes me angry and then i realize that if i am having this issue maybe there are many of you guys as well who need help in getting rid of this frustration.

So for all of you guys I have made this website and put my time and effords in providing you quality of infortmation which is correct and worth reading. I will be posting new tutorials and help guide lines here from time to time and you can also find latest releases of this amazing and free app here on this website so you do not have to go and search the internet for every new version which release every 2 to 3months time.

If you have any suggestions or want to include any new tutorial or guide then please do write to me at “Admin at Cartoonhddownloadapp.com”.

I hope you will appreciate my effords and hardwork i have put in making this website.